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AT&T Unity brings voice minutes closer to free

The NY Times is reporting that AT&T customers who subscribe to both its Cingular Wireless and traditional phone services can now make and receive unlimited free calls to and from any other AT&T or Cingular customer. The new AT&T Unity...

Vonage adds France, Ireleand, Italy, Spain, and UK to unlimited plan

Vonage today announced that it has waived its international calling rates to land lines in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom for subscribers signed up for the $24.99 per month Premium Unlimited Plan and the $49.99 per month...

Free SkypeOut Day

Get your free SkypeOut minutes today! I just logged on and saw I could claim 10 free minutes as part of their Skype Gift Day. Didn't they just do a special offer on Valentine's Day too? ...

Cash Back VoIP calling

Ironic, that Rich Tehrani (my boss) wrote in his Get Paid to VoIP entry today about how he is predicting that eventually people will be paid to talk using VoIP. Tsk tsk, Rich. You don't talk to me any more,...
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