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Top 20 VoIP Innovators of All Time

VoIP has come a long way since it was first popularized by VocalTec in the mid 1990s. Here is a slideshow of the Top 20 VoIP Innovators of all time with photo captions explaining why they merit this top 20...

Blue Jeans Network Bridges Skype, SIP, H.323 for Multipoint Telepresence Solution

Blue Jeans Network has been quietly developing a new cloud-based video conferencing and collaboration service that bridges H.323 and SIP end-points, PSTN — and even Skype, with the goal of allowing users to connect everything from high-end video telepresence systems...

Use Skype to Video Call Any Video Endpoint: Polycom, Cisco, Tandberg, etc.

Christian Bongiovanni, co-CEO and CTO for Imagicle gave me a demo of SkyStone Video, which enables video conferencing everywhere to any video endpoint. Using SkyStone Video you can call any video endpoint using Skype, including Cisco/Tandberg, Lifesize, Polycom, Radvision, Sony,...

SkyStone bridges Skype and PBXs using only software

Remember my SIP to Skype gateway breaks Skype's Great Wall article, which explained how you could make a SIP-to-Skype call using the PSGW gateway? One of the knocks against Skype was that it uses a proprietary protocol, which makes it...

Uniqall unveils Gridborg HMP 1.2 with SIP support

On Monday, Uniqall will unveil a beta version of Gridborg HMP 1.2 (Host Media Processing) with SIP included. Previous versions supported H.323, however this beta will also speak SIP. The Gridborg HMP 1.2 is available for free download and evaluation...

VoIP Calls Recorder software

Came across another VoIP call recorder from Duxoft Software that captures the RTP stream for recording your VoIP calls. VoIP Calls Recorder is a piece of software that records your conversations in any of the major VoIP protocols, inclusing H.323,...
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