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Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB External Hard Drive

I was looking to buy a new cheap 2 TB (terabyte) external hard drive on Black Friday to try and get the best deal. Target had a special on the Western Digital WD Elements 2 TB USB 2.0 Desktop external...

String 24 SSDs together for 6TB & 2GB/s throughput!

What happens when you string together 24 256GB Samsung MLC SSDs - you get 6TB of storage and 2GB/sec throughput. Sweet mother of ---! Discovered the news on Lucas Mearian's Computer World blog who writes: When you've got millions of...

Hard Drives Slow Down With Loud Background Noise

Apparently, disk drives are more sensitive to minor vibrations than previously thought. A blog post by Sun Microsystems engineer Brendan Gregg called "Unusual disk latency" discovered unusually high disk I/O latency during a streaming write test. He explains how...

WD VelociRaptor Hard Drive

Western Digital (WD) released their latest VelociRaptor 300GB hard drive. The WD VelociRaptor hard disk drive (HDD) is one scary looking beast! This puppy spins at 10,000 RPM - fast enough to tear through your gigabytes of naked flesh in...

Father of the Hard Drive Passes On

Yes, I do believe it's worth a moment to pause and reflect on what Al Shugart (founder of Seagate) and his invention of the hard drive meant to the whole world of gadgets. Obviously, a key component in the rise...

The Hard Drive Hits 50

Not too many gadgets hit the age of 50, especially in the world of computers, but the hard drive is still going strong at 50 years of age! (I never would have guessed!) (An age that many may feel depressed about while looking...
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