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Gadgets Move Up the Marriott Food Chain

Now you're talking! The Marriott Corp. said this week it will begin installing a new technology that will give its patrons the ability to connect various personal devices (let's just call them gadgets) to HD screens in its hotel rooms....

Another Classic Goes Bye-Bye: Syntax-Brillian Buys Vivitar

The camera business -- and the classic industry names like Kodak, Fujifilm, etc. -- has never been the same since digital reared its head a decade ago and "digital imaging" replaced "photography" in everyday speech. Now, in the latest development,...

Chip Switch Goes Both Ways

Digital TV may be on the horizon, but we may be having analog/digital TV sets (rather than digital-only) in the future, too. NXP, the company formerly known as Philips Semiconductors (didn't Prince already do that "formerly known as" play) has invented...
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