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Closed Captioning for Deaf Comes to Radio

Now hear this!Researchers at Towson University in suburban Baltimore are working on new technology that will allow for closed captioning of radio broadcasts for those with hearing impairments. (Now this is a good idea!) The new system, which could be marketed...

HD Radio Increasingly Goin' Mobile

Audi of America joined a growing list of car makers that will offer HD Radio as standard equipment in new cars.Audi will include HD Radio on many of its vehicles starting in calendar 2010 for the 2011 model year, it...

I Can Hear Clearly Now: HD Radio Rebates

It would be really great to be able to sit in the car and hear great, high-quality, static-free radio. Well, those (don't have to be a subscriber) days are coming clsoer and closer. In a play to make HD radios...

HD Radio: Is Anybody Listening?

Although it's not on too many people's radar quite yet, HD radio may be poised for prime time, if everything goes right this year. (It may still be a challeng if everything does go right ...) According to published reports,...

HD Radio: What Do You Think?

Always lots of noise about satellite radio like Sirius and XM, but how about HD Radio? Anybody buying into that format? Anybody know that much about it (seems like a pretty quiet new technology roll-out, doesn't it?)....
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