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The Apple Downgrade Kills HP

We all know about the S&P downgrade caused by the rating agency's view of U.S.'s debt and debt ceiling. S&P saw the writing on the wall that U.S. is on the road to insolvency and default on the debt. Well,...

HP Debuts First Multi-touch Notebook -- Yes HP, Not Apple (Now That's a Surprise!!!)

From the first time Steve Jobs demonstrated "the pinch" -- the two-finger gesture used to zoom in and out of photos and Web pages on the iPhone -- some Apple observers assumed it was just a matter of time before...

HP's Netbook/Mobile Package Plot

Hewlett-Packard wants to employ a new tactic to market netbook computers in the U.S., offering them at a steep discount to customers who sign-up for wireless service contracts. This bundling of cellular service with PCs isn't done in the U.S.,...

Do We Need an HP Smart Phone?

Now I'm all for free enterprise, but why or why do companies need to follow each other into mature (or maturing) markets? (It's sort of like the lemmings and the sea ...) (Oh, BTW "Invent" is the motto -- so...
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