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Doodle-Track Car Fun!

Every kid remembers playing with race cars with click-together race car tracks. But these race car tracks were typically boring oval or figure 8s with no hairpin turns or S curves. Well imagine you could design your own track using...

Flash Skype Video cards = Flash Skype Client in the Near Future?

This morning I was playing with the new video e-card creation tool from Skype, which is just in time for Christmas, Hanukkah and the rest of the holidays. It's called Video cards with Skype ( Facebook fans can easily...

Christmas Catalogs Waste Trees

Ok, we all know that millions of Christmas trees are cut each year to celebrate the Christian holiday, but did you know that millions of trees are also cut down and used in catalogs used to promote products for the...

Chitika cheaters?

I came across this blog post on Jensense talking about Chitika ads, which claimed that the unaudited Chitika revenue numbers didn't line up with the "audited revenue" Chitika numbers. All bloggers knew that there might be some click fraud which...
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