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China's telecom patent boom - Is China Ready to Enforce IP?

China has a reputation for not enforcing other countries' patents and copyrights, including bootleg DVDs that can be found in just about any major Chinese city street corner. It was even alleged that China's telecom giant Huawei stole Cisco's routing...

SPIRIT DSP Lands Another Win - Huawei

SPIRIT DSP announced today the second big news of the week. Yesterday, they announced Viber, a VoIP app for the iPhone was powered by SPIRIT DSP and now today they are announcing that Huawei Technologies has extended its license with...

Huawei Makes DSL Breakthrough with World's 1st 700 Mb/s Prototype

Some fascinating news from Huawei today announcing the world’s first 700 Mb/s prototype in Hong Kong. This is over PSTN copper! Finally the cable / MSO companies have some truly high speed broadband competition. DSL is notoriously slow, especially at...

VoIP over HSPA in Shanghai is 100% end-to-end IP using IMS

Huawei Technologies today announced that it has successfully completed commercial technology testing for ‘VoIP over HSPA’ in Shanghai in conjunction with QUALCOMM. They claim it is the industry’s first VoIP service display with an ALL IP end-to-end solution that is...
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