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WYDE Voice Launches Asterisk-based Conferencing Appliances

WYDE Voice, a new startup venture backed by founder and CEO David Erickson, today launched voice conferencing appliances that support wideband 16-bit, 16 kHz voice quality. The VM1000/3000 uses the iSAC codecs to deliver wideband audio that is better...

Asterisk Termination and ENUM

I discovered this interesting Asterisk termination post saved as "unpublished" dated 6-20-2005. I must have put it aside to work on some other projects. I thought I would publish it now since it still has some pertinent thoughts. Reading my...

Open-source VoIP softswitch speaks GoogleTalk

Freeswitch, an open-source softswitch started earlier this year, leverages open-source software libraries and has recently added support for Google Talk. The codebase now includes Jingle (Jabber XMPP Voice) support with the addition of libDingaLing and mod_dingaling libraries. Jingle is an...

Gabcast audio blogger service

Gabcast is an interesting new service that lets you instantly create podcasts for your blog with integration with your blogging software. While, this in itself is nothing new, AudioBlog has been doing it successfully for awhile, the neat thing about...

Interview with Asterisk guru Mark Spencer

Tom Keating & Asterisk-guru & Digum President Mark SpencerA few weeks ago I went down to Alabama to meet with a few VoIP companies, including Adtran (see blog on Adtran) and Digium, the developers of the open-source Asterisk IP-PBX. I've...
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