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Gadget Bans On Airplanes Due to Possible Interference is a Lie!

Gadget bans on airplanes due to possible interference is complete bull according to New York Times reporter Nick Bilton. I always knew it was a crock due to my engineering background and some basic-level physics. If a tiny mobile phone...

LightSquared Solution to GPS Interference Clears Way for Nationwide 4G Network (Sorta)

Came across an interesting news release from LightSquared, the nation’s first wholesale-only integrated wireless broadband and satellite network, today outlined a comprehensive solution to the problem of interference with Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. This solution will permit LightSquared to...

Polycom Kills the Buzz Factor

Who hasn’t been on an important conference call and heard the infamous “buzz” sound on the speakerphone caused by cell phone interference. Nextel two-way “push to talk” phones are notorious for causing this “buzz” sound, as well as Blackberries. Still...

Rotani Solves WiFi Interference

Rotani claims to have solved the issue of WiFi interference, thus allowing for better performance for gaming, video streaming, and VoIP applications. In fact, they told TMC, "AirReferee is a turnkey access point reference design, providing the uninterrupted throughput needed...
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