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IPEVO S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone

IPEVO's S0-10W Skype Desktop Phone is a pretty neat Skype phone, that unlike most Skype phones, was designed for your desk, not to carry around. That includes the IPEVO Wi-Fi Skype phone, I recently reviewed. While the IPEVO Wi-Fi...

IPEVO Solo Skype Desktop Phone now with Wi-Fi

The IPEVO Solo Skype Desktop Phone now no longer needs a wired Ethernet connection. At CES, IPEVO announced the new Wi-Fi Dongle bringing wireless capability to the IPEVO Solo, enabling users to choose the best spot for their Skype calls,...

IPEVO Xing Skype Conferencing unit

IPEVO plans to soon launch a conference system for Skype called IPEVO Xing. IPEVO Xing is a USB conference phone that is designed to work exclusively with Skype. Xing will be launched with a free trial of Skype-certified Convenos Meeting...

IPEVO launches two new Skype products

IPEVO, a US subsidiary of PChome Online, makers if the first Skype certified USB phone for both the Windows and Mac platforms, will launch two new devices at the International CES show in Las Vegas, January 5-8. The new products,...

IPEVO Skype phone

IPEVO, a Silicon Valley-based subsidiary of PChome Online specializing in affordable Skype-enabled devices has launched a new USB-based Skype phone called the Free-1. The Free-1 USB phone only costs $29.99 so they aren't kidding when they say that they offer "affordable...
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