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HDTVs Sales Single End to STVs

Shipments of High-Definition televisions this year surpassed that of standard TVs, according to iSuppli, a leading market researcher. Significant price reductions and the increasing availability of content over multiple distribution channels are the key drivers behind HDTV sales.  And don't...

Much Ado about the Apple 'Brick'

Mac enthusiasts have been transfixed lately by the mystery product, code-named "brick," that's due for release later this month.Some bloggers and pundits have suggested it might be a new iteration of Apple TV or an updated Mac Mini. But according...

Cell Phones Will Take over GPS Market

Cell phones will replace the personal navigation device (PND) as the primary GPS device by 2011, according to the research firm iSuppli. The firm predicted that cell phones will then account for 36% of the GPS market, compared with...
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