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Gary Hermansen leaves Global IP Sound

Gary Hermansen, CEO of Global IP Sound (GIPS), has left the organization. Jon Arnold told me the news at the IT Expo Bloggers Dinner last night while we were discussing GIPS. I mentioned to Jon how I had a fairly heated...

Vonage CEO resigns - Good news or Bad?

Big news from the Vonage investor call that I mentioned would be happening today. I was too busy to participate, but Jon Arnold and Garrett Smith apparently got the scoop on Vonage's CEO resigning, which was mentioned early on during...

Arrived at ITEXPO

I arrived at ITEXPO just a few hours ago. This is the first VoIP tradeshow of 2007 and by all accounts it should be a spectacular show. I just glimpsed into the exhibit hall and saw some impressive booths being...

Jon Arnold on bloggers

Jon Arnold has some interesting thoughts on how blogging is making in-roads in the large tech companies, including Cisco. This was in response to my blog post about how Apple was able to keep their iPhone secret from both blogger...

The beauty of San Diego

Both Rich Tehrani and Jon Arnold have posted some great photos while attending ITEXPO that give you not only a flavor of what's happening at ITEXPO, but also show the beauty of San Diego. I have to say, San Diego...
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