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360networks Upgrades IP Network

There are several service providers participating at ITEXPO, including 360networks. I'm told Randy Muench, President of CFN Services Wireless Division, 360 Networks is speaking at one of ITEXPO's 4G conference sessions. Today 360networks announced they've upgraded their IP network, which...

Juniper news

Juniper Networks has been very busy at Internet Telephony Conference and Expo announcing a few worthy news items. I've been busy, so didn't have time to blog these when the stories broke.- Juniper Networks, Inc. two days ago announced it...

Scalable DHCP for VoIP

Well, I'm back from a four-day weekend to Cape Cod, so you'll have to excuse me for not blogging for a few days. I'm still sifting through tons of email and voice messages, so it may take me awhile to...

Cisco vs. Juniper

I was just reading an article from BusinessWeek Online that discussed the battle between Cisco and Juniper. It hits the nail on the head with what I said yesterday about Cisco and Juniper. (Cisco New Routers Everything But the Kitchen...
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