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Google Brings Location Info to iPhone's Safari

Google just added location info to Safari on the iPhone allowing you to see local businesses very quickly with a simple search. For instance, search on "coffee" and see the closest coffee shops or search on fast food places...

Chitter Chatter GPS tracking phone for kids

Hop-on, Inc. today launched a GPS tracking phone for children that kids wear like a wristwatch. Called the Chitter Chatter phone, they claim it is the world’s smallest GSM / Enhanced Location-Based-Services(LBS) Locator Phone. The Chitter Chatter phone will cost...

WiFi and GPS to solve e911 issue

A few companies are leveraging both WiFi and GPS to pinpoint a location during an emergency, such as an e911 emergency phone call. How does WiFi wireless help pinpoint a location, you ask? Simple, it uses a similar concept to...
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