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2006 VoIP Predictions

I promised predictions for 2006 and so here they are. Nothing like waiting till the last minute, eh? ;) Let me first start my analyzing my 2005 VoIP predictions. Some I have abbreviated for brevity sake, so if you...

LignUp FastLign Alliance to speed up VoIP deployment

LignUp has created the FastLign Alliance to help speed up bringing innovative IP Telephony services to market. LignUp has previously won a TMC Labs Innovation Award due to its embracing of more industry standards than you can shake a stick...

The fracturing of the Internet

Sadly, the fracturing of the Internet has begun.First, we have Level 3 and Cogent Communications, two major Internet backbone providers bickering - they've cut off peering Internet traffic to each other. From ZDNet:Two major Internet backbone companies are feuding, potentially...
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