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Senao SN 358 Skype - Long Range Cordless Phone Reaches 15 km

A few months ago I came across a multi-handset Skype cordless phone product that claimed their phone system worked up to 10km from the wireless base unit. "Great Scott! A cordless phone that works up to 10km," I thought to...

Truphone Local Anywhere - All Calls Now a Local Call

More great news coming out of ITEXPO. Truphone today announced the launch of its Truphone Local Anywhereâ„¢ service - a full GSM solution that makes it easier and more convenient for international travelers to stay in touch while saving more...

Skype Starting to Dominate the International Long-distance pie

Skype has been taking a larger share of the international long-distance pie according to new data from TeleGeography, which just came out today.The article states:TeleGeography estimates that Skype's cross-border traffic grew approximately 41% in 2008, to 33 billion minutes --equivalent...

Sunrocket SunSpots offers cheap international rates

SunRocket just emailed me with an interesting release. The PR firm representing Sunrocket said to me, "I wanted to share the following announcement with you because there seems to be a transition happening with international calling rates. With new VoIP...
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