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Run Mac OS X on a PC

Want to run Mac OS X on a PC? Well, Steve Jobs notorious for forcing his loyal fans to run only Apple-approved hardware let the cat outta the bag once he announced Intel support (previous utilized PowerPC processors.). It was...

iPhone vs iPhone vs. iSoftphone?

As if we haven't had enough of the Cisco vs. Apple iPhone battle, now we have "iSoftPhone", a clone of the Apple iPhone's skin created by Xnet Communications GmbH. iSoftPhone is a VoIP softphone for Mac OS X. They claim...

Speakables for Windows now available

A Windows shareware version of the Speakables software application that ets users "Skype" by voice command has been released. Speakables, offers several voice control solutions for many popular applications such as iPhoto and iTunes. Ironically, they announced the release of...
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