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Mac users finally get Skype video feature

It's official! Skype has released a new version ( of Skype for the Mac. Finally, video is available to Mac users, which up till now must have felt like 2nd class citizens since the Windows version has had video for...

Dual boot Mac and Windows

Apple fans can now dual-boot into either Microsft Windows XP or the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS X). Today, Apple announced the beta release of Bootcamp, a boot-time utility that lets you create a 2nd partition to hold the Windows...

New Skype version for Mac

Skype today released their new version for the Macintosh operating system. Their site lists it as, "Official release. Version: Release date: January 5, 2006". The new features include:Forward calls to other Skype accounts or regular phones Pause iTunes...

Bye Bye Internet Explorer

Mac users still browsing with Internet Explorer will need to consider moving to another browser press soon, as Microsoft plans to discontinue support for Internet Explorer by December 31st. The news is not a surprise to Mac users since Microsoft...

Upgrade your Mac

I'm not much of a Mac user myself (I haven't touched a Mac since college), but I do admire the loyal Mac community. As such, I thought this bit of news for easily and cheaply upgrading your legacy Mac might...
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