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TomTom GO 920 T

Today, TomTom launched the TomTom GO 920 T, their latest "high-end" premium GPS unit featuring TomTom's most extensive map of Europe and North America. The GO 920 T is considered TomTom's newest flagship model and features a large 4.3" touchscreen....

Provia A1 GPS - too cool!

The Provia A1 navigator GPS isn't your typical utilitarian GPS that gets your from point A to point B. No siree, Bob! The Provia A1 navigator is more like the iPhone with it's sleek design, 7" touchscreen, and cool 3D...

TomTom lets users share map updates

Out-of-date maps suck. As a huge GPS fan I've encountered my fair share of inaccurate GPS map data. But TomTom’s new Map Share software combines cartography with community features that allow users to update maps on the go and then...

Google Maps adds Traffic Info to mobile phones

Google announced an update to Google Maps for mobile that will enable consumers in the U.S. to view detailed information on traffic conditions in more than 30 major metropolitan areas, as well as partial information in other area from a...

Google Earth Install Error

I was installing Google Earth at the behest of Robert/Vahid Hashemian (aka "Means Everything to Me", "Looks Good", and "Huh? What?" <TMC inside joke>) when I got this error code -5009: 0x80040806This is my first "bad" experience with any Google...

TomTom Maps Update

TomTom finally licenses superior NAVTEQ GPS maps. I say it's about friggin' time! TomTom has one of the best GUI front-ends to any GPS navigation system, but the maps they previously licensed from Tele Atlas plain sucked. Sorry Tele Atlas,...
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