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Activision Announces 'Guitar Hero 5,' New 'Tony Hawk'

We know Activision Blizzard loves sequels. A little while ago, it revealed a slate of follow-ups coming this year at an Massive Inc. upfront. An upfront is where publishers showcase their upcoming lineup to advertisers and are a new practice...

Will Ads Fill the Mobile Phone Screen?

Expect to see more and more "ad-monetized" mobile games, where advertisers wiil place display or video spots before or after users download popular casual games to their mobile phones. According to a report in today's MediaPost, a company called Greystripe places...

More Ads in Video Games; Do We Really Need This?

Remember when advertising supported free network television? Yes, we watched (or avoided the ads), but we got the programming for free. Now, it's bad enough that we have to pay cable or satellite companies a monthly fee for what used...
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