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Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Adds Touch Support - Killer Enterprise Tablet UC!

Microsoft is continuing to make strides in their Lync platform. While the big news two days ago was the Office 2013 news, including support for touch and cloud support, you may have missed the simultaneous news about the Microsoft Lync...

Lync Federation Tool Makes it Easy to Find Lync-enabled Business Partners

Who wouldn't want to join the Federation? No, not the United Federation of Planets, commonly referred as the Federation, though it would be cool to play on the Star Trek Enterprise's holodeck. No, we're talking Lync Federation here. Matt Landis...

Data Consumption Comparison: Microsoft Lync vs. Communicator Mobile for Windows Mobile

Matt Landis has some nice analysis comparing how much mobile data usage there is for Microsoft Lync vs. Communicator Mobile for Windows Mobile (CoMo). Go check it out.Image above via Matt Landis...
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