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Cingular To Become AT&T (Say What?)

Honestly, who can keep track of all of the Baby Bells, Ma Bell, the wireless services providers -- wasn't it supposed to be easier after the breakup of AT&T that began in 1974 with the U.S. Department of Justice anti-trust suit against the telephone monopoly....

Microsoft and MCI team up on VoIP

According to TheVoIPWeblog which received a tip regarding Overdo's Land of Nothingness blog entry, Microsoft is planning on using MCI for VoIP termination.TheVoIPWeblog writes, "According to a tipster, Microsoft will soon be announcing that it has contracted MCI to provide...

MCI Conferencing

MCI announced a new conferencing service that leverages local access numbers across the entire globe. Personally, with VoIP bringing international calls per minute pricing way down, I don't see the need for this. But I suppose a Fortune 1000 company...

MCI deploys Ericsson's VoIP Engine solution

Ericsson and MCI Inc. today announced an agreement to deploy Ericsson's Engine solution to migrate MCI's US-based international gateway traffic from traditional circuit switching to carrier-class Voice over IP (VoIP). Building on its domestic VoIP migration plans, announced in June...
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