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iTunes Outage Problems

Apple iTunes is experiencing some severe outage problems today. I was trying to install Truphone and Skype on a coworker's iPhone when I noticed I couldn't search the App Store on his iPhone. Rich Tehrani also tried installing a gaming...

Worst Google News Headline Ever! - No public viewing at Neverland, but Michael Jackson may get laid

I was happily surfing the Web reading the Google News Top Stories when I saw a headline that said "No public viewing at Neverland, but Michael Jackson may get laid". Say what? I had to do a double-take. Then I...

Not Quite the Download Generation Yet ...

While we get very excited about downloading music, the discussion over DRM and which MP3 player is best, only one in four online consumers have acquired music via digital downloads, according to CEA Market Research in a study called "Uncovering Trends...
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