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Economy Down, HDTV Sales To Pick Up?

Economy down, oil prices up ... Hey, time to buy a new HDTV!With the February 2009 digital TV transition looming, HDTV suppliers are expecting a good fourth quarter and hoping for a minimum of price cuts along the way.That is...

Laser Printers, Laser Tag; Why Not Laser TVs?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas --- 2007, that is. While we're all jazzed about LCD and plasma TVs this year, a report in Technology Review notes that Mitsubishi and Samsung are expecting to have laser TVs on store shelves by Christmas 2007....

Parking ettiquette rules

I am pretty anal about where I park either of my two sports cars. No, I'm not the type to park diagonally and take up two parking spots - those "people" deserve any vigilante justice they receive such as getting...
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