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WB Goes for Legal Movie Downloads -- In China Only

In an attempt to make headway against rampant film piracy, Warner Bros. will distribute newly released films online in China. The studio struck a deal with Union Voole Technology in China to offer new movies as well as those that...

Downloaded Movies Were Meant To Be Free

Nice to see Roku back and how about hooking up with Netflix in the announcement of a $100 set top box that streams free movies (for Netflix subscribers) to the living room. Instead of wading into a losing battle...

Now It's Time Warner's Time

Not to be too outdone by yesterday's news about the planned Wal-Mart digital movie download service, Time Warner is now planning to launch its own direct-to-DVD movie download service. According to reports, this is in the "wait until next year"...

Wal-Mart Goes to the Movies (Back to the Future?)

Well, movie rentals didn't work out too good for them, but now Wal-Mart keeps forging ahead by joining the ranks of digital movie download retailers. According to a published report, the biggest of the big box retailers is launching the...
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