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Cisco TelePresence Video Conferencing Enables Fans to Interact with NBA Players

This weekend, the NBA and ESPN will utilize Cisco TelePresence technology to create an interactive "in-person" forum to allow athletes and fans to interact using Cisco's videoconferencing / telepresence technology. According to Cisco, Cisco TelePresence has been deployed on the...

I Could Use a Good Way to Watch the NBA ...

... Too bad mobile phone screen sizes are so small. It would be great to see the Celtics-Pistons and Lakers-Spurs NBA East and West finals while going mobile. Can't they dream up a way to optimize the network and...

Seeing 3D at the NBA All-Star Game

When the NBA All-Star Game and its weekend-long festivities take place in Las Vegas starting today it will mark the first time the game will be held in a city without an NBA franchise. But it will also mark another... Makes It Easy to Get Personal

Skins, skins, skins – can you ever have enough of them? is an online treasure trove – with vinyl skins featuring leading brands for more than 500 consumer electronic devices. makes it easy way to personalize you favorite...
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