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Skype goes retail - sold at Radio Shack

CNet is reporting that Skype will be sold at retail stores, starting with Radio Shack.The Luxembourg-based Net telephony company, founded by the people behind the Kazaa peer-to-peer service, is expected to announce on Monday that it has struck a partnership...

Nero, Microsoft, Linksys - what a busy day!

Yesterday, was an extemely busy day for me as I had conference calls with both Microsoft and Linksys. Two huge big shots in the computing and networking worlds. I also an in-person meeting with one of my favorite software applications...

Nero SIPPS Connect VoIP softphone

I wrote about Nero's entry into the VoIP space a long time ago and was actually taken aback when I read Nero's press releases espousing their VoIP functionality. I was like "Huh? What? My favorite CD/DVD burning software company is...

Nero Joins AllPlay3 to Integrate Triple Play into SIPPS

If you recall, I wrote about Nero and VoIP back in Oct 04 and how I was confused that my favorite CD/DVD burning software was putting out a new release claiming that they support VoIP. I pondered, "What's that? Nero...

Nero and VoIP

Ahead's Nero Burning ROM software is one of the most popular pieces of software today. I've used it to burn CDs, DVDs, home movies, music, you name it. It's probably the best CD/DVD burning software on the market today. A...
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