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Phybridge PoLRE Review - Power over Ethernet using Phone Wires

Check out my Phybridge PoLRE Review, a suite of three products that let you use your existing phone wiring to deploy VoIP with full Power over Ethernet capabilities. The three products are the PoLRE LPC 8 Port Switch targeting the...

Level 3 Layoff Rumors

I received some information from a source claiming to work for Level 3 Communications.  He stated, "They are not doing well. Just laid off 4% of the workforce.  14% planned in January."File this under pure speculation / rumor at this...

What Do You Do When Your Network Goes Down?

Cisco has the answer for what you and your coworkers can do when your network goes down. Pretty damn hilarious!Via Cisco UC500 blog...

Dataprobe iBootBar Review

Ratings Score Installation Documentation Features Usability Performance Overall You Mr. Administrator think you know it all. You think you've got all the bases covered and you scoff at disaster recovery. Well... Pop quiz, hotshot. Your web server goes down...

In-car P2P solution streams video in vehicles going 100mph

This from the weird & wacky. The Public Safety Broadband Consortium, a group that includes InfiNet Wireless, Lockheed Martin Information Technology, Public Safety Broadband and Wi-Fi Citywide, will be demonstrating the use of live streaming video from law enforcement vehicles...

Amway of VoIP

skibare alerted me to LightYear Network Solutions a few weeks ago. Apparently, LightYear is filled with a lot of ex-EXCEL reps. Their model is multi-level-marketing (MLM) for selling VoIP and according to skibare, they want "live" as os noon today....
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