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Midokura Virtualizes Your Network to the Cloud

I met with Midokura, a company founded in Japan, in the press room at ITEXPO to learn about their network virtualization solution. Midokura offers IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for both public and private cloud. They plug into Openstack /...

FTC Lets Intel into the Nortel Patent Sweepstakes

The FTC has given Intel permission to bid on assets being sold by bankrupt Nortel Networks Corp, joining Apple, Google, Ericsson, and others in the high-stakes patent sweepstakes that can have a dramatic impact on the mobile and telecom...

TMC Launches NGN (Next Generation Networks) Magazine

Today, TMC announced the launch of NGN Magazine focused on next generation networks and how service providers and carriers can build these networks and what they will need to know to maximize savings and ARPU (average revenue per user). "We're...

Building Carrier Networks Using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf Technology

Anyone want to build a carrier-class network? Show of hands - would you rather use "tried and true" hardware gear from Cisco or Juniper Networks and pay through the nose OR would you rather build your carrier network using commercial...

SMC MIMO enabled wireless routers

Well, it's not an SMC Networks "IP-PBX announcment" like I joked about earlier today in my D-Link SMB IP-PBX post, but SMC Networks has some news about MIMO (multiple input, multiple-output) technology I thought I'd share.SMC Networks ( announced today...

SS8 Networks Best Guess Algorithm

This press release gave me a chuckle. It uses a "best guess" technique to figure out where the call should be routed. Computer: "Hmmmm, I think this VoIP call should go here. Oh wait... Maybe over here...." Actually, the way...
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