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Amazon To Re-Kindle Its Popular eBook Reader

Amazon will reportedly ship new versions of its Kindle e-book reader before year's end. The original reader launched last November sold out in its first week and had Amazon scrambling to fill holiday orders. While sales have been brisk, estimates...

Microsoft Debuts Its Surface 30" Interactive Screen at Sheraton

Microsoft is putting its touchy-feely side to the test at the Sheraton Hotel.The software giant recently showed off its new Surface technology at five Sheraton hotels nationwide. The demonstration allowed the public to get a feel for Microsoft's first fully touch-screen...

How Many Batteries Does a Recall Make? 9.6 Million

That's right -- 9.6 million.  That's the number (as it stands today) of the number of batteries that Sony has recalled because of safety problems. Just about every notebook computer manufacturer has been hit by this problem. Do you think...

Apple vs. Apple: Round 3

Like the old Mad Magazine’s Spy vs. Spy, we now have the latest version of Apple vs. Apple.  According to Newsfactor, Apple Computer will meet the Beatles' Apple Corps in court this week in London, where a judge will decide...
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