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How Many Batteries Does a Recall Make? 9.6 Million

That's right -- 9.6 million.  That's the number (as it stands today) of the number of batteries that Sony has recalled because of safety problems. Just about every notebook computer manufacturer has been hit by this problem. Do you think...

Sony Recalls Sony Batteries

Who said misery loves company? (Well, they would be right in this situation.)Sony is now recalling its own notebook computer batteries (didn't want to leave Dell and the other notebook manufacturers feeling lonely, I guess) to the count of 90,00...

More Sony Battery Woes -- As in 7 Million ... and Counting

7 million -- that's right.  That's what Sony's looking at with the latest news on a GLOBAL notebook battery recall. We've got Apple, we've got Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo (IBM) all facing problems with Sony's batteries in their notebook computers. I'd...

A Hot One for Lenovo!!!

Holy flaming laptops Batman! Crazy stuff just keeps on happening in the saga of explodiing notebook computers.  Now we have Lenovo pledging today that public safety "will be the company's first priority" following an incident in which a Lenovo ThinkPad T43 laptop (with a Sony...
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