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NSA Can Wiretap Skype, Google & Facebook - But Not WebRTC

                                             Image Courtesy of the GuardianAccording to the Guardian, the NSA has the capability of tap in to user data of Google, Skype, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, and more. This is disturbing on so many levels, especially after revelation that Verizon...

NSA <strike>Dark</strike> Black Fiber Line Cut Causes MIB to show up in seconds

              Fiber? You didn't see any fiber down there.There's dark fiber, and then there's really dark fiber, or what we'll call "black" fiber. Construction crews inevitably will accidentally cut a fiber line when doing underground construction. It's par for the...

Skype Backdoor?

According to The Register, "Off the cuff remarks by Austrian government officials suggest that Skype conversations might be intercepted" via a backdoor or through the encryption keys. The comments were made at a recent meeting on lawful interception between ISPs...

Caller ID Act blocks Spoofing

On June 6th, House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) praised passage of H.R. 5126, The Truth in Caller I.D. Act, which would prohibit "spoofing" or intentional falsification of the name or number that appears on a consumer's caller identification (ID)...

SightSpeed 5.0 beta released

SightSpeed just released their new beta version (5.0) of their video/voice over-IP software. The beta release includes significantly enhanced video quality, as well as PSTN Out calling and new Voice only PC to PC calling. They are also supporting Macs...
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