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Google, Mozilla, Samsung & NVIDIA Join DevCon5 HTML5 Conference

Some cool news to share about TMC's DevCon5, a HTML5, WebGL and WebCL-focused conference. Executives from several heavyweights, including Google, Mozilla, Samsung, and NVIDIA will be participating. Check out the news... Executives from Google, Mozilla, Samsung and NVIDIA Join the...

Build Your Own Notebook -- Really, You Build It

OCZ Technology has announced a new spin on an old product: the build-it-yourself notebook PC. Yes, you really do build it yourself ... According to a report in ExtremeTech, OCZ's DIY Gaming Notebook (part number OCZNBIAS15DIYA on the company's...

Voodoo PC Got Game (Serious Game)

If you’re a serious gamer – and I mean a really serious gamer, Voodoo PC has the rigs you need to rule the world!  The company’s flagship model, the Omen Extreme Gamer, is the most advanced liquid cooled PC available...
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