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WorldGate Ojo is <strike>Dead!</strike> <strike>No It Lives!</strike> Nope-Dead Again

I reported troubles at WorldGate Communications back in February 2008 and then reported things got better in the next month saying Ojo Phone Lives! It appears they never truly got through its problems, because their return of the living dead...

Ojo Phone Lives!

After Worldgate's problems that resulted in customer's being without their cool Ojo videophones, it appears Worldgate is back! Just last night Ojo phones started working again. Worldgate proudly displays this splash screen on their home page: They also try to...

Worldgate Ojo VoIP/Videophone Service in Trouble

I've been monitoring Worldgate Communications, makers of the cool looking Ojo videophone for the past several days. I received word that their service was down for a few days and I attempted to reach them, but got a general mailbox....

Motorola Ojo

Motorola Ojo Have you got your mojo on? Well, Motorola seems to have found their "mojo" with their Motorola Ojo, which my guess is a take off of Austin Powers' famous "mojo" quotes. When you go to the Motorola...
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