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JAJAH Babel and JAJAH Concierge Launch

JAJAH today launched two brand new JAJAH services called JAJAH Babel and JAJAH Concierge. JAJAH Babel is a speech-to-speech translation service. Currently, it only translates English-to-Chinese (Mandarin) and Chinese-to-English. Perfect timing for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Summer Games, but I...

Shaun White for Nintendo Wii (Wee!!!!)

While much has been made about how little excitement Sony and Nintendo have generated at the E3 game show (click here), there's actually some pretty cool stuff coming out. Take this for example: Nintendo had Shaun White, the gold medalist at...

40GB PS3 Going Bye-Bye?

Looks like more action coming on the video gaming hardware front.According to Engadget, the PlayStation 40GB model will be replaced.Based on an alleged Wal-Mart spreadsheet, the 40GB PS3 console "will be replaced with [a] new model in early August." But just...

More Sony Battery Woes -- As in 7 Million ... and Counting

7 million -- that's right.  That's what Sony's looking at with the latest news on a GLOBAL notebook battery recall. We've got Apple, we've got Dell, Toshiba and Lenovo (IBM) all facing problems with Sony's batteries in their notebook computers. I'd...

Zultsys firestorm brewing

There is a firestorm of controversy going on in the comments section of Rich's article title Zultys reseller update. One comment reads, "Obviously TMC is interested in advancing VoIP industry participants, but this promotion of an obviously over hyped company...
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