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webrtc2sip Enables Cross-browser WebRTC & SIP Interoperability

webrtc2sip is an open source gateway using WebRTC and SIP to turn your browser into a phone with audio and video calling capabilities. The "WebRTC-to-SIP" gateway allows your web browser to make and receive calls from/to any SIP-legacy network or...

Opera Mini 4.2 beta mini-review

Opera Mini 4.2 beta just launched today. Opera Mini is one of my favorite mobile phone Internet browsers. It's a tough call between Opera Mini and Skyfire. Skyfire supports Flash and video, so it's better at multimedia, however, I find...

Bye Bye Internet Explorer

Mac users still browsing with Internet Explorer will need to consider moving to another browser press soon, as Microsoft plans to discontinue support for Internet Explorer by December 31st. The news is not a surprise to Mac users since Microsoft...
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