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Windows 8 CPU Slow Benchmarks!

I tried out Windows 8 developer preview (32-bit) on a Dell E6500 dual core 2.26Ghz laptop and while the new UI is slick, the CPU processor is much SLOWER that the prior Vista 32-bit operating system it was running. Using...

BlackBerry OS Running On Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro

From the "Oh no you didn't!" department, has an article and some sweet photo goodness showing a Windows Mobile HTC Touch Pro running a virtual BlackBerry operating system. The Windows Mobile OS running the BlackBerry OS? What's next, the...

Windows Vista - no reboot after installing or updating software

One of the most annoying aspects of Windows is that when you update the software, drivers or parts of the operating system, you need to reboot. After you update something you get a message that says the system needs to...
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