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Nokia Lumia 920 Image Stabilization is Real - Look out Apple & Samsung!

A gadget reviewer and mobile technology expert from Russia took the yet-unreleased Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows Phone 8) and hooked it onto a radio controlled (RC) car to test the super optical image stabilization (OIS) touted by Nokia. Yes, yes,...

BeyondTel's VM-01L Optical USB Skype mouse

Convergence seems to be all the rage, including combining multiple products and functions into a single product (i.e. iPod MP3 player + mobile phone = Apple iPhone). So perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn about a new...

Hologram technology with 1.6 TB storage space & 120 MBPs transfer speed

Wow, Maxell and InPhase Technologies have developed holographic optical media that features uncompressed storage capacities achieving 1.6 TeraBytes per disk and data rates as high as 120 MBPs. Optical media also is advantageous due to its long archival (50+ year)...
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