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Teevox + iPhone = Remote Control for Netflix & Hulu

Teevox, founded by former MIT students is an iPhone app that allows you to remotely control watching Hulu and Netflix on your computer. According to Techcrunch, Hulu and Netflix are just the beginning. I use Orb and PlayOn for remote...

According to Orb, Internet users are streaming media FIENDS!

Orb Networks today announced that consumers have enjoyed a record 66 million minutes -- the equivalent of a whopping 125 years -- of digital media (recorded videos, TV, music, etc.) streamed from their home computer to a mobile phone, PDA...

Slingbox works with Mobile Devices

Slingbox plans on adding a software client to complement their popular Slingbox streaming video content hardware device. According to IP Democracy:Place-shifting pioneer SlingBox is slated to announce at CES this week a new software client that allows any Windows Media-capable...

Verizon Inflight Wireless Broadband

According to PRNewswire, "Verizon Airfone has made significant progress toward providing wireless broadband services for U.S. air travel. The announcement follows the FCC's establishment of rules for auctioning spectrum in the 800 MHz band dedicated to commercial air-to-ground telecommunication services....

Orb your Skype Voicemails

Orb Networks emailed me to point to their new add-on to their free TV/photo/video/music streaming service. I actually have Orb installed on my home PC, and it worked great during testing - I was able to stream CNN, Fox...

Orb Networks Streaming Live TV

As a home-theater and gadget lover, I've always got my eye out for the latest new gadget that involves home theater equipment. I came across this news release from Orb Networks, which claims this product can "provides spontaneous access to...
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