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ViBE Bandwidth Optimization Kicks Traditional QoS to the Curb

ADSL is very popular, especially in SMEs/SMBs. It's more difficult to get on the VoIP bandwagon with ADSL bandwidth since it typically has only 256Kbits/s upstream bandwidth. Powernet, the UK's oldest business broadband provider claims the average VoIP call uses...

Hosted VoIP Packet Sniffing

Packet Island, Inc. today announced that they will demonstrate their latest SaaS-based sniffer product, PacketPro at TMC's ITEXPO conference in Miami. This SaaS-based product has the ability to provide managed service providers and IT outsourcing companies remote visibility to troubleshoot...

Comcast Censors some Internet Applications

Last week I ranted about censorship of the word "God" in a promotion of The Ten Commandments movie of all things. Today, I'm going to continue that theme with an unbelievable story of how Comcast is blocking BitTorrent, a popular...

Revenge of the Electric Company

The phone companies have high-speed DSL, the cable companies have high-speed broadband cable, and both offer Triple Play solutions, but what about the electric company? Just about every home in any industrialized nation has three copper wires services coming into...
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