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Pangean Delivers VoWiFi Push-to-Talk Solution for mobile phones and PDAs

Pangean Technologies, a company that makes P2P VoIP software based on the SIP protocol, has announced a new product called Y-Talk. I should mention that I reviewed Pangean's VoIP software in Internet Telephony Magazine as well as in my blog...

Pangean's Push-to-Talk VoIP and IM client

I've been testing Pangean Technologies' insta-REACT! VoIP/IM software for awhile now and I thought I'd give my blog readers a "sneak peak" at the review which will be published in the January 2006 issue of Internet Telephony Magazine. The software...

Nero, Microsoft, Linksys - what a busy day!

Yesterday, was an extemely busy day for me as I had conference calls with both Microsoft and Linksys. Two huge big shots in the computing and networking worlds. I also an in-person meeting with one of my favorite software applications...
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