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FreePBX World iSymphony Session 360 degree Panoramic View

I know many FreePBX fans couldn't make it to FreePBX World, so I thought I'd share a virtual 360 view. Just use your mouse to move around the room. Technically it's not a full 360, but I didn't think anyone...

AstriCon 2012 Exhibit Floor Panoramic Photos

Though I would share some AstriCon 2012 exhibit floor photos. The Digium booth was pretty mobbed the entire evening. I was able to meet with Vitelity's Kerry Garrison, Digium's Leslie Conway and Mark Amick, Schmooze Communications and too many other...

360° Panoramic of Astricon Exhibit Floor

Here's a 360° panoramic of the Astricon exhibit floor taken at 1:54pm today. The show floor opens at 5pm today, so this is a sneak peak! The Astricon exhibits are still being setup in this panoramic. I wanted to take...

Panoramic 360° Video Controllable Via Mouse

We've all seen cool panoramic photos. Also, many of us may have been to amusement parks where they have white domes projecting 360° video on the dome. Though there is a lot of distortion when using curved walls. Not exactly...
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