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Voxeet Launches 3D Audio Conferencing App for iPhone & Android today launched their immersive 3D audio conferencing app for iPhone and Android. Voxeet's new apps enable participants to switch among devices without disrupting the conversational flow of Voxeet-based conference calls. I took the app for a spin using an iPhone 4S,...

Google Offers $900 million for 6,000 Nortel telecom patents

Nortel's carcass continues to be picked at, with many golden nuggets discovered, making their demise all the more surprising.Google is offering $900 million for 6,000 Nortel telecom patents covering 4G, wireless, data networking, optical, voice, semiconductors and other telecom areas,...

VoIP Patents run amok

We have all been following the various VoIP patent lawsuits. From the Rates Technology vs. Google Talk lawsuit, to Apple vs Cisco iPhone lawsuit, Verizon vs. Vonage patent infringement and many more. Well, Production Ad Absurdam has a couple of...
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