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HTMLExcerpt Plugin for Movable Type

With any CMS, whether it's Movable Type, WordPress, Joomla, etc., one big problem is automatically creating fully formatted HTML excerpts. The problem is that it's very difficult to know where exactly to split the HTML code without leaving an orphaned HTML...

Post Office 2.0 Plugin for Movable Type

Movable Type has a plugin called Post Office (now maintained on Github by Endevver) which is a cool email-to-blog (moblogging) Perl-based plugin. I wrote my own email-to-blog Perl script years ago, which has some advanced features like support for both...

CNAM (CallerID with Name) on Asterisk using Reverse Phone number lookup

CallerID is cool, but CallerID with Name (CNAM), -- also known as Calling NAMe -- is where it's at. When you go with a traditional phone provider (non-VoIP) they'll often offer you CallerID with Name for an additional fee. But...
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