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Philips Bows Swappable Xbox 360-Like TV Faceplates

Philips has announced the launch of a range of swappable faceplates for its televisions. They will work in a similar way to the Xbox 360 and allow you to customize your television to match your décor. Called "Flavors," the...

Everything in the World's Going Wireless

In Singapore, the Dutch consumer electronics maker Philips is designing a multimedia server to stream audio and video through the air, from the Internet to any device in the home. In Munich, a former unit of Siemens envisions a cordless...

Philips Says 3-D TV (Without the Glasses) Is Next Big Thing

According to an International Herald Tribune/Associated Press report, Philips is working on a TV that will enable viewers to have a 3-D experience without the need to wear 3-D glasses. Discussing the evolution of television, a company spokesman said...

Philips VoIP321 Skype phone

Philips is also launching a Skype phone at CES. I don't have a photo or more information (yet) - just the news release. But wanted to share this news ASAP and then update this post when I find out more....

The World Is Becoming Flat

It’s no surprise that TV sales continue to rise, with sales of flat panel TVs (including both LCD and plasma) more than doubling from last year as prices inexorably drop over time.  At the same time, sales of CRT TVs...
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