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Truphone Local Anywhere - All Calls Now a Local Call

More great news coming out of ITEXPO. Truphone today announced the launch of its Truphone Local Anywhereâ„¢ service - a full GSM solution that makes it easier and more convenient for international travelers to stay in touch while saving more...

Packet8 Drops International Calling Phone Rates

Calls to China dropped from 3¢ per minute to now 1¢ per minute? Wow! That's a 67% drop! All I can say is it is absolutely amazing how far prices have dropped. The race to zero/free calling continues... Packet8 sent me...

The Proof is NOT in the Pudding

According to the NYTimes, Pudding today announced their new service (ThePudding)which offers free calling in exchanging for eavesdropping on your phone calls and then sending you advertisements based on keyword wordspotting using speech recognition. Is it just me, or...

Free phone calls to 40 countries using VoIP

Two interesting calling promotions being offered by Raketu. First, their "Try Dialout For Free" promotion allows users to try RakOut (Raketu’s dialout service) to call locations in more than 40 countries for free. This mirrors Skype's free SkypeOut promotion until...
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