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PhoneGnome wonders - Where's the Voice 2.0 developers?

David Beckemeyer, CEO and Founder of TelEvolution has an excellent rant wondering where the Voice 2.0 developeres are. David's company productes a very cool ATA-type device called the PhoneGnome that he has allowed developers to write apps for. David rants, "PhoneGnome...

V-Global Communications Dialer uses PSTN-to-VoIP-to-PSTN

I just came across a VoIP product that is somewhat similar to the PhoneGnome product, called the V-Global Dialer from V-Global Communications. The V-Global Dialer offers a programable, least-cost call router that sends long distance calls over a standard phone...

PhoneGnome Supports Skype

Breaking news from PhoneGnome - they support calling Skype users. Wow, cool.. I have no idea how this works, I just got the release now and wanted to share it as soon as possible. This really came out of left...

PhoneGnome Enables BYOVP

David Beckemeyer, former CTO and co-founder of Earthlink (who runs Mr. Blog) has an interesting new SIP-based ATA device that marries the traditional PSTN with VoIP. Essentially you plug in both your PSTN connection and your Ethernet connection to...
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