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AstriCon 2013 Atlanta - Photos!

Here's a motley of photos I took at AstriCon 2013 Atlanta. Feel free to click the photos for high-res larger versions. Enjoy! ...

AstriCon 2012 Exhibit Floor Panoramic Photos

Though I would share some AstriCon 2012 exhibit floor photos. The Digium booth was pretty mobbed the entire evening. I was able to meet with Vitelity's Kerry Garrison, Digium's Leslie Conway and Mark Amick, Schmooze Communications and too many other...

ITEXPO Austin, Texas - Day 1 Photos Slideshow

Below is a slideshow of photos for ITEXPO. It is updated throughout the show and currently has photos from Day 1, which is still going. Photos from keynotes, conferences, registration and others spaces can be seen.(via Rich Tehrani)...

Kids take photos of Earth's curvature using Balloon and Help from iPad

Oh kids these days get all the fun! I wish my science class (back in the day) offered our class a challenge to fly a cellphone with GPS & camera up into the stratosphere to take photos of the Earth's...

Disney World Vacation Photos

Thought I'd share a few photos from my Disney World vacation that I took with the rest of the Keating clan. Actually, my mother-in-law came as well, so part of the Monegan clan came as well. I must be on... cool slideshows with music has a very cool site that lets you upload your favorite photos and then instantly add music, videos, themes, pins, movie posters, instant posting. I added a few of my own photos to test it. In just 5 minutes... offers registration free photo upload

Webshots launched a new tool being offered by Webshots--  The site lets users upload an unlimited number of photos of any size for free and without the need to register.  In addition to the hassle-free, no-registration photo hosting space,...

AOL Pictures launches

America Online announces the launch of AOL Pictures, a comprehensive digital photo solution for consumers who want an easy way to view, share, store, print and protect all of their favorite images. The free photo sharing website offers consumers unlimited...
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