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Adobe's Photoshop Heading Online? Why Not?

Adobe intends to offer a hosted version of its popular Photoshop image-editing program in the next three to six months. According to reports, this hosted version of Photoshop is part of a bigger company strategy to introduce Internet-delivered services that complement...

Cool-iCam Art Pad photo editing tablet

Forget about that klunky mouse or trackball! The iCam Art Pad is one cool piece of gadgetry. Using the iCam Art Pad combined with TheArt Dabbler software the USB-based iCam Art Pad "turns your digital photos into art." You can...

Ergo Keys: Any Way You Want Them -- It's Your Keyboard!

It seems like a pretty wacky idea, but having a keyboard that you can customize (I mean really customize) can make a lot of sense. Ergodex's DX1 Input System is the first in a new category of input device that features movable...

Logitech G5 Laser Mouse

According to my pals over at Everything USB, Logitech's G5 Laser Mouse is Logitech's first corded laser pointer, with a full speed USB interface capable of a whopping 2000 dpi and 500 USB reports per second. It features a unique...
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